Installation Expert Advisor in MetaTrader 4

Step one: download Expert Adviser Taranus from our site.

Step two: in MetaTarder 4 open "File" --> "Open Data Folder"

Open Data Folder

open the folder "MQL4", it locate and open the folder "Experts".

Data Folde

folder Experts

Step three:transfer Expert Advisor in the folder "Experts" your MetaTrader 4.

Expert Advisor in the folder Experts

Step four: restart the MetaTrader or you can, open the window "Navigator", move the cursor to "Expert Advisors" open the context menu and select it "Refresh"


then Expert Advisor name will appear in the window "Navigator".

Expert Advisor in the

Step five: Taranus drag the mouse on the chart, tick the box where indicated.

set Expert Advisor on the chart

Opening the tab "Inputs", you need to install the settings. Press ОК. Settings Expert Advisor you can "Load", from the predetermined set file.

install the settings

To work on a real account requires only once enter the registration key. The key is stored by the terminal and subsequent updated versions of the Expert Adviser, by default, automatically will work with this key.

enter key

If you did everything correctly, then in the lower window "Terminal" in the "Experts" will be a corresponding entry: "The file and the key have been successfully..." After creating a file with a key, enter the key again or save it in a file set is not necessary, the Expert Adviser will find himself with a key file and to determine its compliance with this trading account.

creating file with a key

Step six: in the upper right corner there is an inscription with the name of a sad face and advisor, which means that the Expert Advisor is installed but not enabled

Expert Advisor not enabled

On the control panel MetaTrader 4, press "AutoTrading"

enable AutoTrading

Expert Advisor enabled!

Expert Advisor enabled

In the upper right corner there is a smiling Expert Advisor and info panel, it means that the Expert Adviser has started to work!

<Expert Adviser to work

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