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  • Date: 9-09-2022, 19:58
9-09-2022, 19:58

Исправлена ошибка в нескольких советниках.

Category: Информация

Fixed a bug in several EAs.
Fixed a bug in the virtual take profit in the EA: McDuckEA, Martex, MartexPO. We recommend that you replace the EAs with new versions.
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  • Date: 8-09-2022, 15:30
8-09-2022, 15:30

Новая версия советника Fractalan v.3 (MT4 и MT5)

Category: Информация

New version of Fractalan v.3 EA (MT4 and MT5)
Introducing the update of the Fractalan EA for MT4 and the new FractalanMT5 EA for MT5.
Watch the video review.
All the main functions of the EA (except trading) have been changed and unified with similar functions of the MartexPO EA. Changes have been made to the guide to the EA.
Links to download the EA can be found in the "Download" section.

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  • Date: 16-08-2022, 22:31
16-08-2022, 22:31

Новый советник MartexPO

Category: Информация

The MartexPO EA is developed on the basis of the Martex EA and differs from it in that it uses pending orders for trading and hedging. Watch the video review of the MartexPO EA.
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  • Date: 7-08-2022, 15:18
7-08-2022, 15:18

Видео обзор советника Martex 7

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Video review of the Martex 7 Expert Advisor
Watch the video review about the features and settings of the new Martex 7 Expert Advisor. For easy viewing, the video is divided into time codes. There are subtitles in Russian and English.
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  • Date: 1-08-2022, 21:01
1-08-2022, 21:01

Новый советник Martex 7 (для MT4 и MT5)

Category: Информация

Introducing the new Martex 7 Expert Advisor in two formats for MT4 and MT5 at once.
All the main functions of the EA (except for hedging) now work only when a new bar is opened.
The blocks of risk management and hedging have been completely changed.
Added: general stop loss, virtual take profit, automatic reduction of the martingale multiplier depending on the number of open positions.
You can find download links for the EA in the "Download" section.
For more information about the new adviser, see the guide to the EA.
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  • Date: 11-07-2022, 14:56
11-07-2022, 14:56

Новый советник UTrailingMT5

Category: Информация

Introducing the new UTrailingMT5 EA for MT5! Watch video review.
The functionality of the EA is similar to the UTrailing EA for MT4!
The new UTrailingMT5 Expert Advisor only lacks setting a stop loss on indicators and closing positions on trend lines.
You can download the adviser from our website, and if you wish, you can buy it in the market of
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  • Date: 7-07-2022, 11:13
7-07-2022, 11:13

Изменения в советнике UTrailing v.10

Category: Информация

Changes in the UTrailing EA
The "Multiplier for cryptocurrency" command has been renamed to "Multiply parameters by:" and its capabilities have been expanded, now all the parameters of the EA can be easily changed for any financial instrument (futures, stocks, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, etc.). An error in the operation of the trailing stop in the "lock" situation has been fixed.
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