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  • Date: 5-11-2019, 19:56
5-11-2019, 19:56

Обновление новостного индикатора FXCalendar

Category: Информация

FXCalendar news indicator update
News indicator-informer updated and renamed to FXCalendar (old name FXCalendar_T).
On demo accounts of our partners (Alpari, InstaForex, RoboForex) the indicator now works without a registration key. To work on a real account, you must enter the registration key.
More about the FXCalendar indicator.
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  • Date: 23-10-2019, 19:08
23-10-2019, 19:08

Martex 5 - новая версия!

Category: Информация

In new version Martex 5 all trading functions of the EA have been completely redesigned.
Now the EA opens orders on completed bars so when testing in the strategy tester, you can choose the model "Open prices only (fastest method to analyze the bar just completed)". Video
  • 4 options for opening orders on bar extremes and indicators (MA and CCI);
  • control over the use of Free margin, in case of excess - stop trading;
  • restriction on the total lot size of all open orders of one direction;
  • the work of the adviser on time;
  • closing orders in time with a profit:
  • dynamic step between orders;
  • additional take profit for orders with martingale;
  • trailing stop on High / Low and fractals;
  • "hot buttons" to quickly close all open positions on a currency pair;
  • sending messages about lack of funds or stopping trading by email and using push notifications.

Updated user manual to the EA and set files. Download
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  • Date: 7-10-2019, 15:22
7-10-2019, 15:22

ForexNewsTrader 3 - новая версия!

Category: Информация

We present you the new version of ForexNewsTrader EA.
Main feature 3 versions: added the ability to modify the position of pending orders before the news, orders can now move behind the price (up and down) and stay at the set distance from the price, which prevents the order to worked before the news release. Video. ForexNewsTrader EA and a set of set files can be found in the Download section.

About all other changes read below in the "Read More"
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  • Date: 1-08-2019, 22:56
1-08-2019, 22:56

Новый советник Taranus 9 с мартингейлом лимитных ордеров!

Category: Информация

New EA Taranus 9 with martingale limit orders!
Dear traders, we are glad to finally introduce you to the new, ninth version of the Expert Advisor Taranus!
We have also updated the demo version of Taranus_Demo - it has limited features and is intended for trading only on demo accounts and on the EURUSD currency pair. A new set file has been prepared for quick setup of the EA. A detailed guide to the EA has been carefully edited. Expert Advisors and a set of set files can be found in the Download section. Video

Major change:
  • added martingale of limit orders;
  • the EA can now work without indicators and without direction;
  • changed WebRequest to load news calendar;
  • the magic number can now be set automatically by the EA;
  • added a news panel with text news to the chart;
  • the key to the EA will now be located in the shared folder "General_key" (MQL4 > Files > General_key).

about all other changes-see below in the "Read More"
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  • Date: 8-06-2019, 23:20
8-06-2019, 23:20

ForexNewsTrader 2.2 новая версия

Category: Информация

to block 1. "General settings" ON / OFF Expert Advisor, Disable the news block (for testing);
to block 3. "News trading" Find on keyword, Allow updates calendar;
to block 6. "Trade by time" Close orders at the end of time.
Watch video.
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  • Date: 6-05-2019, 13:43
6-05-2019, 13:43

ForexNewsTrader 2 - новая версия!

Category: Информация

Dear traders, we present you a new version of the EA "ForexNewsTrader". It added a choice of two servers to download the news calendar file from the site Server_2 is currently down. Use Сервер_1! All other changes and additions, see "Read More" below.

We remind you that the key file for all our Expert Advisors is now stored in one common folder "General_key" (MQL4 -> Files -> General_key) if you don’t have it, you will need to re-enter your registration key into the EA (see the manua).
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  • Date: 29-04-2019, 11:54
29-04-2019, 11:54

Не загружается календарь новостей

Category: Информация

The news calendar is not loaded.
Dear trader, due to the fact that on the website changed the address to download the file calendar of the news, the news ceased to appear in the Taranus, ForexNewsTrader advisors and in indicator FXCalendar_T. Soon we will make the necessary changes in these products. In the meantime, I recommend that you download the news calendar file using the script CalendarDownloader.
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