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  • Date: 13-01-2021, 22:19
13-01-2021, 22:19

Изменения в McDuckEA - новая версия 4.3

Category: Информация

Change in the work of the McDuckEA with magic numbers.
If the magic number = 1, then the advisor automatically generates an individual magic number for the current currency pair.
If the magic number = 0, then the EA will average orders opened only manually, but will not open new orders.
If the magic number = -1, then the advisor will average all orders open for this currency pair, including those opened manually, but will not open new orders.
Fixed a bug in the virtual take profit.
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  • Date: 11-01-2021, 18:29
11-01-2021, 18:29

UTrailing 8 - новая версия

Category: Информация

Watch the video review of the new version.
Manual virtual trailing stop;
Horizontal lines on the chart for a virtual trailing stop on indicators;
Horizontal lines on the chart for take profit levels in trailing stop mode by percentage;
Set files that can be used both in the strategy tester and for real trading.

Trailing stop by percentage can now work, optionally, with one, two or three levels of take profit and after the completion of trailing by percentage, the usual trailing stop will work (by indicators or by points, by choice).
Fixed an error in the operation of the virtual trailing stop on indicators
Extended demonstration capabilities for visual monitoring of the EA's performance in the strategy tester.
Made changes to the guide to the EA.
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  • Date: 21-12-2020, 22:58
21-12-2020, 22:58

Новое дополнение к советнику McDuckEA

Category: Информация

A new function "Virtual Take Profit" has been added to the McDuckEA 4.2 expert advisor - closing orders on a virtual (invisible) take profit. For more information, see the guide to the EA.
Fixed minor bugs.
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  • Date: 13-12-2020, 14:40
13-12-2020, 14:40

UTrailing 7 - новая версия

Category: Информация

A new version of the EA for manual trading UTrailing is ready.
Added: stop loss by choice: by points, by ATR indicator, by daily high/low; take profit for open orders; show the stop-out line.
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  • Author: AdmiVin
  • Date: 8-12-2020, 19:22
8-12-2020, 19:22

Важное дополнение к советнику McDuckEA

Category: Информация

The new version of the McDuckEA 4.1 has expanded the possibilities for manual trading and added a timeout before opening a new order for the "lock".
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  • Author: AdmiVin
  • Date: 20-11-2020, 23:57
20-11-2020, 23:57

McDuckEA 4 - новая версия

Category: Информация

Watch the video review of the new version McDuckEA 4.
We significantly reworked the entire trading strategy of the EA, leaving only two options to choose from, with a moving average or without indicators. Tests have shown that this is enough for autonomous operation of the EA under any conditions. Therefore, we have abandoned the autotrend and special modes for flat and trend.
  • locking of unprofitable orders;
  • expanded the options for using trailing stop;
  • closing locked orders at breakeven;
  • closing orders of one direction according to the balance level before locking;
  • horizontal lines on the chart, stop out and breakeven.
  • free margin percentage calculation;
  • restrictions on the number of orders on a bar were replaced by the step between orders;
  • structure of the adviser's management menu.
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  • Author: AdmiVin
  • Date: 7-11-2020, 19:07
7-11-2020, 19:07

Taranus Light 6 - новая версия

Category: Информация

Changes and additions in The new version of the Taranus Light 6 EA correspond to changes and additions in the new version of the Taranus EA. Changed of the set files and the guide to the EA.
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