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  • Date: 20-01-2022, 14:38
20-01-2022, 14:38

Fractalan v.1.8 - новая версия

Category: Информация

Fixed another weak point in the EA"Pause before starting a new cycle". This function worked normally in automatic mode, but if the trader changed something in the settings, the countdown started over. Now the timeout does not depend on the actions of the trader!
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  • Date: 18-01-2022, 11:04
18-01-2022, 11:04

Обновление советников

Category: Информация

Minor changes have been made and bugs have been fixed in the Fractalan, Taranus, UTrailing Expert Advisors. We recommend replacing the EAs.
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  • Date: 12-01-2022, 19:35
12-01-2022, 19:35

Fractalan v.1.6 - новая версия

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Minor changes have been made to the auxiliary functions for more convenient work with the Expert Adviser. Fixed a bug in the virtual trailing stop. The command "Virtual trailing stop" has been moved to the list of commands "Mode trailing stop". We recommend replacing the EA.
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  • Date: 21-12-2021, 20:38
21-12-2021, 20:38

Новые дополнения и изменения в советнике Fractalan v.1.5

Category: Информация

New version of the advisor Fractalan v.1.5 Watch the video review
Added "Martingale" command - enable/disable martingale.
Added commands: "Close the last martingale order", "After the specified orders", "With a profit of at least, in the deposit currency".
Minor changes have been made to the operation of the "Stop trading with drawdown in %" and "Virtual take profit" commands.
Read more about new additions and changes in the advisor manual.
Fixed a bug in the "Trading" command.
Fixed other minor bugs. We recommend replacing the EA.
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  • Date: 7-12-2021, 22:51
7-12-2021, 22:51

Дополнение к советнику Fractalan

Category: Информация

Two useful commands "Virtual take profit" and "Update the take profit level" have been added to the EA, watch the video. Fixed an error in determining the total volume of lots.

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  • Date: 29-11-2021, 21:25
29-11-2021, 21:25

Fractalan - новый советник

Category: Информация

Fractalan – a moderately aggressive EA who works on the martingale strategy. The first order in the series can be opened manually by both the EA and the trader. Subsequent orders are opened when the fractal level of the specified timeframe is broken. Watch the video review of the Fractalan EA.
The EA is already on the site.

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  • Date: 29-11-2021, 21:06
29-11-2021, 21:06

Обновление советников под новый ключ

Category: Информация

Updated the Taranus EA, UTrailing EA, ForexNewsTrader EA and the FXCalendar indicator to work with the new key!
The link Get the key works only for InstaForex broker clients. RoboForex and Gerchik&Co clients to get a new key, you need to send us a request to our address
In the letter, you must specify your account number and the name of the broker with whom the account is opened.
The key will be sent to clients of the RoboForex broker only for accounts of the "Affiliate" type.

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