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  • Date: 23-01-2023, 20:12
23-01-2023, 20:12

NebularMan - новый советник для ручной торговли

Category: Информация

NebularMan - EA for manual trading with the ability to add new orders with increasing in one lot. You can manage the risk by changing the lot volume, the step between orders, and limiting the number of open positions and the total volume of lots. Watch the video.
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  • Date: 12-01-2023, 13:11
12-01-2023, 13:11

Новый советник TralDynamicU

Category: Информация

New TralDynamicU EA for manual trading without an order opening mechanism. SL and TP can be set in currency, percentage or points. Trailing stop can work from profit in currency or as a percentage, as well as in the usual mode. 3 trailing stop modes: normal, total and mobile stop loss. 5 options: by points, by bar extremes, by fractals, by MA and Parabolic SAR. Watch the video.
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  • Date: 12-01-2023, 12:18
12-01-2023, 12:18

Обновление индикатора PriceActonInd

Category: Информация

An additional command "Signal only from the level" has been added to the new version of the PriceActonInd indicator. Buy signal will be given only when the corresponding Buy pattern is below the "Middle line", and a Sell signal only when the corresponding Sell pattern is above Middle line. Video
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  • Date: 18-12-2022, 14:58
18-12-2022, 14:58

Индикатор PriceActionInd

Category: Информация

The new PriceActionInd indicator, according to the "Price Action" trading system, includes 7 patterns of the trading system:
1. Pin Bar
2. Outside Vertical Bar (OVB)
3. Pivot Point Reversal (PPR)
4. Closing Price Reversal (CPR)
5. Double Extremums (DMax/DMin)
6. Wide Range Bar (WRB)
7. Inside Bar (IB)

The indicator can be found in the Download section.
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  • Date: 16-12-2022, 11:47
16-12-2022, 11:47

Обновление советников UTrailing и UTrailingMT5

Category: Информация

New versions of UTrailing and UTrailingMT5 Expert Advisors have been updated with the "Mini profit ($) in the currency of deposit" command, upon reaching which the trailing stop will start working. Only for the "Normal" and "Total" modes, this command is not taken into account in other modes.
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  • Date: 9-09-2022, 19:58
9-09-2022, 19:58

Исправлена ошибка в нескольких советниках.

Category: Информация

Fixed a bug in several EAs.
Fixed a bug in the virtual take profit in the EA: McDuckEA, Martex, MartexPO. We recommend that you replace the EAs with new versions.
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  • Date: 8-09-2022, 15:30
8-09-2022, 15:30

Новая версия советника Fractalan v.3 (MT4 и MT5)

Category: Информация

New version of Fractalan v.3 EA (MT4 and MT5)
Introducing the update of the Fractalan EA for MT4 and the new FractalanMT5 EA for MT5.
Watch the video review.
All the main functions of the EA (except trading) have been changed and unified with similar functions of the MartexPO EA. Changes have been made to the guide to the EA.
Links to download the EA can be found in the "Download" section.

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