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  • Date: 14-11-2018, 14:55
14-11-2018, 14:55

Обновление советника Taranus, новая версия 7.3

Category: Информация

Dear traders, soon we will be able to introduce you to the new Taranus 8! In the meantime, we recommend you to use the updated version of the EA, 7.3 from 14.11.2018.

Changed, fixed:
- fixed a bug in trailing pending orders;
- fixed a bug in trailing stop for open positions that occurred when reaching the maximum allowed number of orders;
- removed from the control menu command "All Symbols, except opening orders!";
- removed notification sound when you move (modification) of pending orders;
- changed the operation of the hot buttons, the "Close All" button, when it is pressed, now not only closes all orders on the account, but also blocks the work of all EA Taranus (similar to the action of the hot keys "Shift + 0"), pressing the button again removes the lock;
- hot buttons "Close Loss", "Close Profit", "Delete PO"," Delete SL " now work only on the chart of your symbol (your currency pair) and execute the order on all orders of this chart without taking into account the magic number and direction of the order;
- fixed bug and changed work when closing by profit or loss percentage;
- after closing orders (by percentage), to manually disable the lock, you need to change the settings in one of the expert advisors or reinstall the expert advisors, and to remove the warning label on other charts, you just need to switch to another timeframe.
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14-11-2018, 13:24

Бонус 120 % от компании Альпари!

Category: Информация

Replenish your account until December 20 and get a bonus of 120 % of the Deposit amount!

More about the 120% bonus!
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  • Date: 13-09-2018, 15:54
13-09-2018, 15:54

Добавили полезную команду в UTrailing

Category: Информация

Additionally, in the new version of "Utrailing" EA, we added a useful command "Close at profit", you enable it when you have a loss on your account, and if you receive a profit from 0 and above, the EA will close all open orders and remove all pending orders.
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  • Date: 10-09-2018, 20:05
10-09-2018, 20:05

UTrailing 5 - новая версия!

Category: Информация

Introducing the new update of UTrailing Expert Advisor. To try the EA on demo account you will can in two ways in the normal trading mode (UTrailingDemo) and in the scalping mode (UTrailingDemo_Scalping). Advisors can be found in the "Download" section.

What's new:
1. Added the ability for accounts with a 5-digit quote to change the level of trailing stop and breakeven in fractional numbers. For example: if you set the trailing level to 1.6 points, then for 5-digit accounts it will be 16 points, and if the step is set to 0.5, it will be 5 points. Only integers will still work for 4-digit accounts.
2. The command to enable trailing stop for open positions is moved to block 3, in the "Mode selection" section.
3. The command to enable for pending orders has been moved to block 2 "Trailing pending orders".
4. Maximally cleared the schedule from displaying unnecessary messages.
5. Added comments that can be disabled if desired.
6. Fixed bugs in hot buttons and simulator trade.

If you use this EA, we recommend replacing it with a newer version!
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  • Date: 3-08-2018, 20:15
3-08-2018, 20:15

Исправлена ошибка в Taranus 7.2

Category: Информация

Fixed bug in sound notification about placing pending orders when trading on news. The EA Taranus 7.2 from 03.08.2018.
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  • Date: 29-07-2018, 18:29
29-07-2018, 18:29

Обновление советника Taranus, версия 7.2

Category: Информация

The new version 7.2 of the EA Taranus has changes in the work of the news trading. Now the EA does not need FXCalendar_T indicator, the EA downloads the news calendar and shows the news on the chart as vertical lines. The EA does not use DLL imports! The setup and operation of the EA in news trading is similar to that of the EA ForexNewsTrader, see video.
Please note: changes to the set files have also been made, old set files with settings will not be suitable for the new version of the EA!
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  • Date: 27-07-2018, 12:45
27-07-2018, 12:45

Новый советник ForexNewsTrader

Category: Информация

Introducing the new EA ForexNewsTrader! The EA is designed only for news trading, downloads the news calendar from the website Does not use DLL imports.
For more information about the features of EA ForexNewsTrader, see here and the video.
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