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  • Date: 14-05-2019, 15:25
14-05-2019, 15:25

Изменения в ForexNewsTrader 2

Category: Информация

Made minor changes to the work of the warning signal on the release of news, calendar updates and corrected the work in the strategy tester. Fixed bugs.
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  • Date: 6-05-2019, 13:43
6-05-2019, 13:43

ForexNewsTrader 2 - новая версия!

Category: Информация

Dear traders, we present you a new version of the EA "ForexNewsTrader". It added a choice of two servers to download the news calendar file from the site Server_2 is currently down. Use Сервер_1! All other changes and additions, see "Read More" below.

We remind you that the key file for all our Expert Advisors is now stored in one common folder "General_key" (MQL4 -> Files -> General_key) if you don’t have it, you will need to re-enter your registration key into the EA (see the manua).
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  • Date: 29-04-2019, 11:54
29-04-2019, 11:54

Не загружается календарь новостей

Category: Информация

The news calendar is not loaded.
Dear trader, due to the fact that on the website changed the address to download the file calendar of the news, the news ceased to appear in the Taranus, ForexNewsTrader advisors and in indicator FXCalendar_T. Soon we will make the necessary changes in these products. In the meantime, I recommend that you download the news calendar file using the script CalendarDownloader.
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  • Date: 5-02-2019, 12:52
5-02-2019, 12:52

Новая папка для хранения ключа

Category: Информация

Dear traders, pay attention!
Starting from this year (2019) the common registration key for all new and updated expert advisors will be stored in one common folder "General_key" (MQL4/Files/General_key). To create it, you need to enter the key once in the first updated (or new) expert Advisor.
For EAs released earlier than 2019, the key will still be stored in their own eponymous folder.
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  • Date: 5-02-2019, 12:33
5-02-2019, 12:33

UTrailing 5.1 - новая версия

Category: Информация

Fixed error in trailing pending orders.
Changes have been made to the operation of "hot buttons" now they can be configured only to work with one symbol or with all the symbols, removed the settings for the magic number and direction.
Added take profit for pending orders.
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  • Date: 26-12-2018, 22:29
26-12-2018, 22:29

Новая пробная версия Taranus_Demo

Category: Информация

Updated trial version EA Taranus_Demo to trade on a demo accounts. This version has limited functionality, works only on the EURUSD currency pair and is intended only for demonstration and practical development of the main functions Of taranus and Taranus Light expert advisors. In order to see the link to download the EA (in the "Download" section), you need to register on our website.
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  • Date: 18-12-2018, 21:12
18-12-2018, 21:12

Новые советники Taranus 8 и Taranus Light 4!

Category: Информация

New advisors we have optimized the code and rewrote many of the functions therefore in the same preserved features, code size (in KB.) will decrease. Changes have been made to risk management and operation of combined orders. Added trend lines that can work as well as trading levels on breakout and rebound and can be an alternative to the usual indicators of technical analysis.

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A new set of files has been prepared, separately for Taranus 8 and separately for Taranus Light 4. Made changes to the guides to advisors, there you will find a full description of all the functions of advisors.

  • in block 2. "ORDERS TYPE" parameter "Trailing after the bar closed" - pending orders will be moved only after the bar is closed, of the current chart;
    in block 6 "TRADING LEVELS":
  • mode switch "Setting trading levels:" where you can select: "Auto levels" or " Trend lines";
  • parameter "Retreat from the level/line, in points";
  • switch modes "Set levels by:" where you can choose how to build the trading levels of "High/Low", "Fractals" or "Points" (the values set by the trader);
  • mode switch for trend lines "Select trend lines:" where you can select: "Two lines together", "Buy line only" or " Sell line only";
  • "999" Trend line Buy - name for the buy line;
  • "111" Trend line Sell - name of the sell line.

  • showing information messages on the chart;
  • arrows, direction indicators, now work only on signals for pending orders;
  • automatic lot calculation for combined orders;
  • the work of combined orders, now a market order is opened first and only then pending orders;
  • the location and purpose of the commands in the block 3."RISK MANAGEMENT";
  • the unit structure 6."TRADING LEVELS".
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