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  • Date: 23-10-2020, 11:27
23-10-2020, 11:27

В советнике Taranus 10 исправлены ошибки!

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Taranus 10 EA has bugs fixed!
In the new version of the Taranus EA errors were found in the operation of trading levels and AutoTrend 1. Errors are fixed. we recommend replacing the EA.
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  • Date: 18-10-2020, 13:20
18-10-2020, 13:20

Как войти на сайт брокера?

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Dear customers, if you have any difficulties enter in to the sites of our brokers-partner, use free extensions with VPN for the browser, such as Browesec VPN. Or a built-in VPN, like in the Opera browser.
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  • Date: 12-10-2020, 20:48
12-10-2020, 20:48

Taranus 10 - новая версия!

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Watch the video review of the new version of the Taranus EA. The Taranus 10 EA can be used on a demo account without restrictions, see more details in the EA manual.
  • a single "Working timeframe" for indicators and trading levels;
  • stop loss by choice: by points, by fractals, by high/low, by ATR;
  • daily loss limit - "Loss limit for the Balance, in percent";
  • in AutoTrend 1, determining the trend direction at the bar closing price;
  • oscillator CCI in the block "Indicators";
  • in the work of trading levels, the mode of work with buffer zones (dotted lines);
  • choice of font size in messages on the chart.
  • control menu structure;
  • messages on the chart: the free margin level was replaced taking into account the drawdown, the auto-lot calculation were replaced with the total volume of lots of open positions;
  • in AutoTrend 2, indicators can now be used both together and separately;
  • merged the timeframes of the "Indicators" block and the "Trading Levels" block into one timeframe;
  • the "Trading Levels" block was renamed to the "Levels and Lines" block;
  • the movement of trade levels according to new values now occurs with a certain time delay;
  • set files;
  • guide to the EA.
  • block "Quick commands";
  • Martingale trading;
  • Stop Loss for other open orders.
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  • Date: 17-08-2020, 15:42
17-08-2020, 15:42

Набор полезных скриптов

Category: Информация

A set of useful scripts for manual trading. You will find a link to download a set of scripts in the "Download" section.

  • CloseAllOrders - script for closing all market orders on the current symbol, by magic number and by order direction (buy or sell);
  • GenTakeProfit - the script sets a single, common take profit for several market orders, if only one order is opened, the usual take profit for one order will be set;
  • SetStopLoss - the script sets a stop loss for all orders of the current symbol, taking into account the position of the current price relative to the order opening price;
  • DeleteStopLoss - the script deletes the stop loss for all orders of the current symbol;
  • DeleteTakeProfit - the script deletes take profit for all orders of the current symbol;
  • PendingOrdersDelete - the script removes all pending orders by a magic number and direction of orders and type of orders.
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  • Date: 11-08-2020, 06:38
11-08-2020, 06:38

Компания Альпари больше нам не партнёр

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Alpari is no longer our partner
In connection with the regular theft of partner remuneration, we terminate cooperation and refuse to trust the company Alpari. We strongly recommend that our clients who have open accounts of this company choose another broker.
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  • Date: 18-06-2020, 08:03
18-06-2020, 08:03

Исправлена ошибка в советнике Martex

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An error was detected in The martex expert Advisor. When the expert Advisor was deinitialized (for example, when switching to a different timeframe), all graphical objects were deleted, including objects set manually by the trader. The error has been fixed and you can download the new version 5.2.
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  • Date: 7-04-2020, 16:37
7-04-2020, 16:37

Советник McDuckEA 3 - новая версия!

Category: Информация

The new version of McDuckEA 3 is more resistant to market volatility, the EA began to open more orders and while maintaining the same risks, began to earn more! Watch video.
  • three modes of operation: by the flat, trend and automatically;
  • auto trend - an additional indicator for determining the direction of the trend;
  • restrictions on the number of orders on the first bar;
  • several new, additional conditions for opening the first order;
  • the choice of stop loss: ordinary or common;
  • several new set files.
  • structure of the adviser's management menu;
  • changed the set files and increased their number;
  • made a change to the guide to the EA.
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