How to use CalendarDownloader

If the indicator FXCalendar cannot download the news file, what should I do?

Or you can use the script "CalendarDownloader", which at a single launch itself will download and save the calendar file.

To do this, first, download the script from our website and install it in the folder «Scripts». You then need to allow the URL to download the news file.

Make it so! Open the tab «Tools», then the tab «Options», then «Expert Advisors» and here you need to tick «Allow WebRequest for listed URL:».

Then, double-click on the green plus sign in the line «add new URL like '' " and in the dialog line to enter the address server 1:

Refresh Scripts or then restart MetaTrader 4.

How this is done, you can see in the video, the beginning of the episode time: 9:39.

Download script CalendarDownloader

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