Strategies for application Expert Advisor Taranus

In this section, we will discuss some strategies for the application of Expert Advisor Taranus.

Taranus is a semi-automatic Expert Advisor intended for operation under control of a trader. A trader’s task is to assess the market situation, select the appropriate strategy – the rest is up to the Expert Advisor!

The market is changing: the strategy that was effective yesterday may not be the same today. Trader need to monitor what happens in the market and adjust the Expert Advisor’s operation. The Expert Advisor does not have the intelligence and will not think instead of you!

And remember: "No one is forcing you to trade every day!"


1. Trade with the trend

2. Trading in the flat

3. News trading

4. Manual trades together with the Expert Advisor Taranus

5. Two Taranus on one currency pair at the same time

6. Two Taranus on one currency pair alternately

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