User manual to FXCalendar

FXCalendar is a news indicator that reports on upcoming news, displays information in the form of text messages and vertical lines.

Pay attention:

  • In order for the FXCalendar indicator to work, it is necessary in the "Allow DLL import" settings.
  • The indicator must be installed in the "Indicators" folder (MQL4 -> Indicators), it is installed on the chart as a regular indicator.
  • On the demo accounts of our partner brokers, the FXCalendar indicator works without a key! To work on a real account, you must have a registration key.

Enter the key = 0 – it is enough to enter the numerical key in the field once so that the indicator can operate on a real account. After the key is checked, the indicator will create a special file which will be stored in the created folder "General_key" (MQL4 -> Files -> General_key). With each new launch, the indicator finds the key file itself and checks it for compliance with this account. You do not need to re-enter the key. The key is common to all of our free advisors and indicators that are installed on this account.


Include high news = true - show high important news.

Include medium news = true - show medium importance news.

Include low news = true - if true, show low importance news.

Include speaks = true - show speeches of financial officials, politicians.

Include holidays = true - show holidays.

Show news for all currencies = true - if false, then the indicator will show news only for the currency pair on which it is set, for example for EURUSD only financial news from the US and Europe.

Find keyword - will only show news containing the keyword.

Ignore keyword - will be excluded news with the content of the keyword.


Show news panel = true - displays text news on the chart.

News panel location:

  • Top Left - a list of 6 news items is located at the top left;
  • Bottom Left - a list of 6 news items is located on the bottom left;
  • Top Right - a list of 6 news items is located at the top left;
  • Bottom Right - a list of 6 news items is located on the bottom left.

Show vertical lines = true - show vertical news lines on the chart.

Remove the line after the news (in minutes) = 60 - after the news release, the EA will remove the vertical line from the charta after set time.

Delete lines together with the indicator = true - if false, then after the indicator is removed, the lines remain on the chart, and they can be used when trading on news with EA Taranus and EA ForexNewsTrader or others.

Chart time offset, if 0 - auto time = 0 - the difference (in hours) between UTC time and MetaTrader 4 time, if set to 0, then the time difference is determined automatically.

Allow updates calendar = true, calendar updates automatically, once a day, if you do not want to receive calendar updates, select false.

Update every (in hours) = 24 - update the news file every 24 hours.


Sound warning before the news = true - the EA in advance before the release of the news will beep. If false, then the sound is disabled.

Minutes to news, give a signal = 15 - how many minutes before the news to signal.

Background: – selects the color background of the chart Dark and Light.

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