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Version 3.0

List of changes: here

Version 2.2 video review of changes

Version 2.0 video review of changes

Version 1.0 video review


ForexNewsTrader - the EA is intended for trading on news only. EA downloads the news calendar from site News appear on the chart in the form of text messages and vertical lines. When the price approaches this line, the adviser places pending orders for purchase and for sale.

The EA can modify pending orders before the news, orders move behind the price (up and down) and stay at the set distance from the price, which does not allow the order to worked before the news release. If, after the news release, not one of the orders has not worked, all orders are deleted.

The EA can place several orders of the same type at once (stop or limit) at the one price.

Key Features:

  • three strategies for the news trading;
  • moves pending orders for the price up and down, not allowing orders to worked before news releases;
  • setting in seconds placing orders before the news and deleting orders after the news;
  • displays the next 6 news on a chart for all currencies or only for its currency pair;
  • shows news for the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, NZD, JPY, AUD, CHF, CNY;
  • can display on the chart as news for its currency pair and for all currencies;
  • automatic update of the file the news calendar every 24 hours;
  • a trader can set his own news lines without a calendar, manually;
  • select one news item from the news calendar by keyword;
  • the ability to use not only stop orders, but also limit orders, can be simultaneously;
  • closing orders at a specified percentage of profit/loss;
  • to enable and disable the EA on the time;
  • when disconnected by time, the adviser can close all orders and stop trading or not touch orders, but only stop trading until the next day;
  • universal trailing stop, functionality from the EA UTrailing;
  • "hot buttons" for quick commands (Close All, Close Loss, Close Profit, Delete PO, Delete SL);
  • sound notification of order opening and trailing stop modification;
  • does not use DLL imports;
  • it works on accounts with the quotation 4 and 5 decimal places.


If you do not allow the corresponding address of forexfactory (or you made a mistake in its writing), then when you first start the EA, this message will appear.

1. You need to open "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Expert Advisors".

2. In the "Expert Advisors" tab, check the box next to "Allow WebRequest for listed URL:".

3. Below, opposite "add new URL like", click on the plus sign in the green circle and add this URL to the opened line:

4. Then click "OK".

5. Then you need to re-initialize the EA, this can be done in any way, you can switch timeframes, click "OK" in the "Properties" of the EA or reinstall the EA.

If you did everything correctly and did not make a mistake in copying or writing the allowed URL, then in the "Experts" tab, in the Terminal, you will see the following message:

You can check the presence of the file and its size (it must be greater than 1 or 2 Kb), by opening the folder "MQL4", then the folder "Files" it should be a file ffcal_week_this.xml.

Enter the key = 0 – it is enough to enter the numerical key in the field once so that the EA can operate on a real account. After the key is checked, the EA will create a special file which will be stored in the created folder "General_key" (MQL4 -> Files -> General_key). With each new launch, the EA finds the key file itself and checks it for compliance with this account. You do not need to re-enter the key. The key is common to all of our free advisors and indicators that are installed on this account.


If you already have a real account and the key to the real account is activated (see above), then to get access to trading on a demo account, you need to: install the EA on the demo account in the "Enter the key" window, enter your real account number and click OK.

If you did everything correctly, the EA settings will appear on the chart, and an entry will appear in the "Log". "Ok! Access is allowed!»


Hot buttons are designed for quick execution of one command. After pressing the button, its color changes, and the button is blocking, when pressed again, removed the blocking and leads to the original state of the button. Any press of the button EA fixes in its log, you can see the current position of the button on the tab "Experts". You can also unblock the button using the new initialization of the EA (for example, switching to another timeframe). In this case, you do not need to press anything, the blocking is removed automatically.

Close All – closes absolutely all open orders on the current currency pair and removes all pending orders regardless of the magic number.

Close Loss – closes only orders with loss on the current currency pair.

Close Profit – closes only orders with profit on the current currency pair.

Delete PO – deletes all pending orders on the current currency pair.

Delete SL – removes stop loss on the current currency pair from open orders.


Shift + 0 – closes absolutely all trades opened in the terminal and deletes all pending orders. To do it, you need to place the cursor over the price chart, where the EA is running, click on the chart with the left mouse button (select the chart) and then press “Shift” and “0” buttons in sequence. After doing that the EA will not be allowed to trade in the terminal. To allow the EA to trade, press “Shift” and “0” buttons again.


Trading is allowed = true, if you select false, then the adviser will no longer open new orders, but all other functions of the adviser will continue to work (trailing stop, breakeven, percentage of closure, etc.).

Magic Number (automatic) - allows you to specify the EA, which orders (with which magic number) it needs to track. If the magic number = 0, the EA automatically creates the original magic number, which will differ depending on the currency pair and the timeframe on which it is set. Instead of zero, you can set your magic number.

Number of open orders = 1 - the allowed number of orders opened. In the "Grid gradually" and "Grid immediately" modes, this is the number of orders in the grid.

Pending orders type:

  • Stop Orders - only stop orders (Buy Stop и Sell Stop);
  • Limit Orders - limit orders only (Buy Limit и Sell Limit);
  • Stop & Limit - together stop and limit orders.

Lots = 0.01 – lot volume. It is set manually. If set to 0, the lot volume will be calculated automatically («Risk in % - AutoLot calculation» parameter).

Risk in % - AutoLot calculation = 1 – level of the risk per one trade set in percentage terms. If lot volume is not set, the EA will calculate it by itself. Lot volume calculation depends on the values of Balance and «Stop Loss». If Risk = 5, then it stands 5% of Balance – the allowable loss we can incur, if a stop-loss per one trade is triggered.
Example: if Balance = 100 $, stop-loss = 20, risk = 5, then the allowable loss = 5 $ (5% of 100 $). After 5 $ is divided into 20 (5/20 = 0.25), we obtain a lot volume equal to 0.25. If stop-loss is triggered, we lose 5 $ per one trade (0.25 х 20 = 5 $). If there are 2 orders, then the loss is 2 times larger – 10 $ (0,25 х 2 х 20 = 10 $).
Importantly: if stop-loss = 0, and trailing stop is disabled, the Expert Advisor will not be able to automatically calculate a lot volume not without a stop-loss value. That’s why it will trade the minimum lot allowable for the given instrument, which is usually 0.01. If you refuse to use stop loss, you can set the volume of the lot you need.

Stop Loss = 30.

Take Profit = 90.


  • Long only - open and trawl only buy orders;
  • Short only - open and trail only sell orders;
  • Long & Short - for orders of all directions.

Breakeven – when there is a small profit, and trailing stop is still not included, the EA moves the stop loss set at breakeven level.

Profit to enable a breakeven = 15 – level of take-profit in points, at which a breakeven is enabled

Level breakeven = 3 – sets the level, at which a stop-loss must be moved: if set to 1, then the position will be closed, when the profit is 1 point; if set to 0, then the position will be closed with the profit of 0 points.

Profit/Loss percent = = false, if true, the EA will close orders when reaching a certain percentage of the profit or loss.

Profit % for close orders = 10 - if the Equity become more than the Balance by the set percentage, the EA will close all open positions and remove all pending orders on this instrument.

Loss % for close orders = 50 - if the Equity become lower than the Balance by the set percentage, the EA will close all open positions and remove all pending orders on this instrument.

Slippage = 3 - the level of slippage in points on the volatile market it is better to increase.


Disable the news block (for testing) = false, if you select true, the entire block 2 "News trading" is completely disabled, at the same time, all other functions of the adviser will work, including the installation of new pending orders. Disabling the news block allows you to speed up the adviser in the strategy tester.

Choice of strategy: - choosing a strategy for the news trading.

  • on One order - before the news release, the EA places one pending order in each direction, if one order is opening the rest are deleted.
  • Grid gradually - the beginning of work is similar to the strategy "One order", but if one order was opened and the price continues to move in the same direction, then the EA gradually begins to place additional orders of the same type and in the same direction as the price moves.
  • Grid immediately - before the news release, the EA places two grids of pending buy and sell orders, when one order is opened, the grid of orders of the opposite direction is removed.
  • Disabled - the news trading is disabled.

Before the news in seconds = 60 - 60 seconds before the news release, the EA will place pending buy and sell orders. It’s not a fact that a you broker will allow you to place your orders in 10-15 seconds. before important news. If you want to place orders as earlier 1 minute before the news, you will need to set 60 seconds.

After the news in seconds = 60 - after 60 seconds after the news if the orders are not open, they are removed and the EA will wait for new news.

_ _ Show news _ _

Include high news = true - news of high importance.

Include medium news = true - news of medium importance.

Include low news = true - news of low importance.

Include holidays = true - show public holiday.

Show news for all currencies = false, if true, the EA will display news on all currencies on the news panel, in the order of priority by time.
Importantly: in this case, the chart will show the news lines only for the current currency pair. For example, if this pair is EUR USD, the chart will show news lines only for EUR and USD. The EA shows only 6 news at once! As time passes, old news is removed and new ones are added.

Find on keyword - when you enter the name of the news in this line, the EA will find this news in the news calendar and will work only on this new.

_ _Calendar settings_ _

Show news panel = true - displays text news on the chart.

News panel location:

  • Top-left - a list of 6 news items is located at the top left;
  • Bottom-left - a list of 6 news items is located on the bottom left.

Show vertical lines = true - show vertical news lines on the chart.

Remove the line after the news (in minutes) = 60 - after the news release, the EA will remove the vertical line from the charta after set time.

Chart time offset, if 0 - auto time = 0 - the difference (in hours) between UTC time and MetaTrader 4 time, if set to 0, then the time difference is determined automatically.

Allow updates calendar = true, calendar updates automatically, once a day, if you do not want to receive calendar updates, select false.

Importantly: the news list file is updated every day because of this, the news demonstration in the tester does not work correctly. The adviser does not save the history of news and in the tester you can see only the news for the current week. To check in the tester how the adviser works when trading on the news, set on the chart, news lines, manually. Keep in mind that "when working in the strategy tester, the local time is always equal to the simulated server time." Therefore, in the tester, the time of news release, must be manually adjusted using the command "Chart time offset, if 0 - auto time".


Modify pending orders = true – allows you to move pending orders behind the price (up and down) and stay at the distance specified in the "Indent first order from the price", which will not allow the order to work ahead of time, before the news.

Modification step in points = 0.5 – the movement step in points, if you set 0, the adviser will move the orders at any slightest change in price.

Importantly: “Modify pending orders” does not work with the “Grid immediately” strategy.

_ _ STOP ордера_ _ _

Indent first order from the price = 5 - indent of the first stop order in the series from the price (Bid or Ask).

Distance between Stop orders = 5 - the distance in points between stop orders, the minimum distance is equal to the stop level.

_ _ LIMIT ордера_ _ _

Indent first order from the price = 15 - the indentation of the first in a series of limit orders from the price (Bid or Ask).

Distance between Limit orders = 10 - the distance in points between limit orders, the minimum distance is equal to the stop level.


Mode selection: – the choice of strategy is the trailing stop

  • Normal - standard trailing stop, starts trail only when there is profit;
  • Percentage - when a new level of profit (3 levels in total) is reached, the trade volume will be partially reduced by a fixed percentage;
  • Mobile stop loss - stop loss follows the price like a trailing stop immediately after the order is opened;
  • Total trailing stop - by one (average) stop loss closes all open orders in one direction, including lossing orders;
  • Disabled - trailing stop is disabled.

Virtual trailing stop - virtual (not visible for broker) a trailing stop.

Timeframe for trailing stop: = «30 Minutes» - choice of the timeframe by which you want to work with trailing stop (except for Points).

Type Trailing stop: - selecting the type of trailing stop on the instrument can be 7 positions:

  • Points - standard trailing stop by points;
  • High/Low - the High/Low of the previous bar;
  • Fractals - by fractals;
  • Volumes - by volumes, by indicator "Volumes";
  • Moving Average - by moving average;
  • Parabolic SAR - by Parabolic SAR;
  • ATR - by ATR.

Value trailing stop = 20 - trailing stop level in points.

Step trailing stop= 2 - step of trailing, if the profit is 30 points, trailing will move a stop-loss to 2 points.

Indent from High/Low and fractals - the distance in points from the stop loss to the maximum or the minimum of the bar or the fractal.

ATR period = 14 - ATR (Average True Range) indicator period, you can adjust the trailing stop distance from the price using "Indent from High/Low, fractals, ATR" by increasing or decreasing its value. If Buy order, then the amount "Indent ..." + the ATR level is deducted from the Bid price. If Sell order, then the amount "Indent ..." + the ATR level is added to the Ask price.

Level of Volumes =100 - sets the level volumes. Trailing stop is work if columns of a volume histogram are lower than a pre-set level – 100, if the columns are higher than the level, then trailing will be temporarily disabled, until the columns are lower than the pre-set level, for 5-digit brokers automatically increases to 10.

_ _Moving Average_ _

Period MA = 34 - period moving average.

Shift MA = 0 - shift moving average.

Method of averaging MA: = Exponential - the choice method of calculation of the moving average.

Type price MA: = Close price - choosing price to calculate the moving average.

_ _Parabolic SAR_ _

Step Parabolic SAR - step Parabolic SAR.

Maximum Parabolic SAR - maximum Parabolic SAR.

_ _Trailing by percents:_ _

1_Reduction in the lot on: = 10 % - the choice of the first percentage for a first reduction of lot size.

1_Take Profit, points = 20 - the first Take Profit after which there will be the first partial closure of the position, reducing the volume of the lot by a fixed percentage.

1_Level breakeven, points = 5 - the first level of breakeven before the first partial closing of the position.

2_Reduction in the lot on: = 30 % - the choice of the second percentage for a second reduction of lot size.

2_Take Profit, points = 30 - the second Take Profit after which there will be a second partial closure of the position, reducing the volume of the lot by a fixed percentage.

2_Level breakeven, points = 10 - the second level of breakeven before the second partial closing of the position.

3_Reduction in the lot on: = 80 % - the choice of the third percent for a third reduction of lot size.

3_Take Profit, points = 60 - the third Take Profit after which there will be a third partial closure of the position, reducing the volume of the lot by a fixed percentage.

3_Level breakeven, points = 20 - the third level of breakeven before the third partial closing of the position.


You can set a period of time, during which the Expert Advisor operates. After the set time has passed, the adviser will stop trading and will not open new orders. At the start of the new period of time (usually it is the next day) the Expert Advisor will start its operation again. "End of operation time" can be set without reference to the "Start of operation time".

Enable time = true – the period of time is enabled, false – the period of time is disabled.

Start of operation time = 00:30 – time, when the Expert Advisor starts to operate, set in hours and minutes.

End of operation time = 23:55 – the time, when the Expert Advisor stops its operation, set in hours and minutes.

Close orders at the end of time = false, if true, the EA will close all open orders and delete all pending orders on this currency pair at the end of the trading time.

There are several options of how to set the operation time of the Expert Advisor.

1st option: usual method – the operation time is set in hours and minutes a two-spot ( : ) between hours and minutes is put.

2nd option: setting up a year, a month, a day, an hour and a minute of start and end of the operation. A point is put between a year and a month, and also between a month and a day, then a space without a pointis put, and afterwards a two-spot (:) between an hour and a minute is put.

3rd option: setting up a day of start and a day of end of the operation are set. A year, a month and a day of start and a day of end of the operation are set up in the Expert Advisor’s settings. A point is put between a year and a month, but not after a day. The Expert Advisor will start operation at 00:00 and stop operation at 00:00 on the pre-set day.

4th option: time of start and end of operation can be set within the accuracy of one second! A two-spot is put between an hour and a minute, and also between a minute and a second.

In this case we cannot ensure that the Expert Advisor will start and stop its operation within the accuracy of one second: it will largely depend on the quality of quotes arriving from a broker and the quality and the stability of your Internet connection.


Sound alerts modified orders = true - sound signals are allowed when modifying stop loss orders if false, the sound is muted.

Sound warning before the news = true - the EA in advance before the release of the news will beep. If false, then the sound is disabled.

Minutes to news, give a signal = 15 - how many minutes before the news to signal.

Language: – switch the language on the info panel can be Russian or English.

Background: – selects the color background of the chart Dark1, Dark2 and Light.

Show options panel = true - displays textual information about the financial status of the account and currently active commands on the chart, if false, it does not show messages.

Font size in messages: - it can be big, medium or small.

Show hot buttons = true - yes, show, false - no, do not show.

Deleting objects from the graph = true - allow clearing the chart from unnecessary graphical objects (arrows, modifications of stop loss levels, take profit, etc.).

Delete objects, in minutes = 60 - deleting objects after a set time, in minutes from object creation.

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