How to get the EA for free

All expert advisors presented on our site (as well as indicators and scripts), You can get for free and for an unlimited time if you meet a number of conditions, see below. If you wish, you can also buy or rent our expert advisors on the Market, site


In order to use our expert advisors for free on a real account, you need to:

  • Register on our website, otherwise you will not be able to see the download links. Registration is also necessary in order that in case of detection of errors, we could quickly warn you about them, and also to inform you about new corrections and changes in EA.

  • Go to the Download section, select the EA you need and download it.

  • If you don't have a real account yet, select a partner broker and use the link below to go to their website and open a real account there. Our partners are companies: Instaforex,   RoboForex,   Gerchik&Co.
    If you already have a real account opened earlier with our partner broker, but you are not yet our client, see the detailed instructions in the Brokers section.

  • After opening the account, click the link Get the key, fill in the form, key will be sent to you immediately. Or you can use the mail, send a request for a key to the address: , where specify the name of the broker and the login of your account on which you would like to install our EA. During the day, a registration key will be sent to your e-mail. The EA will only work on the account whose login you send.
Dear customers, if you have any difficulties enter in to the sites of our brokers-partner, use free extensions with VPN for the browser, such as Browesec VPN or a built-in VPN in the Opera browser.


Trading on a demo account is only possible if you already have a key for a real account opened via our partner link. The key must be activated in advance on a real account.

Install the EA on the demo account and in the "Enter the key" window, enter your real account number and then click OK. This works on all expert advisors with an update date not earlier than 10.10. 2020.

If you did everything correctly, the EA settings will appear on the chart, and an entry will appear in the Log. "Ok! Access is allowed!»

If you wish, you can also buy or rent our expert advisors on the Market, site or write to us at

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