Using a templates to save the settings Expert Advisor

You can use MetaTrader 4 chart templates to quickly configure the EA.

The film shows how to run the Taranus expert advisor with the settings you need in one or two clicks. Why do we need templates and set files. How to quickly change the trading strategy in the EA. How to create templates and set files with your personal settings.
In parentheses are the start time of episode 1. Installing templates and set files in MetaTrader 4 (0:44); 2. What is template? An excerpt from the help MetaTrader 4 (1:30); 3. Templates EA Taranus (2:51); 4. Template with expert advisor for manual trading (3:32); 5. The main purpose of the template taranus.tpl (4:01); 6. Create a template with your own settings (5:15); 7. Inconvenience of templates 1 (10:41); 8. How to save your settings in a set file (11:00); 9. Inconvenience of templates 2 (11:59).

How to install expert Advisor templates in MetaTrader 4

Step one: download a set of templates from our site and unzip it. Open in MetaTrader 4, “File” - "Open Data Folder" in it, locate and open the "templates" folder.

templates folder

Step second: copy and transfer the templates to the "templates" folder.

transfer the templates to the folder

Templates in the folder!

templates in the folder

Step three: close the "templates" folder and return on the price chart. Right-click, and in the context menu, open the "Templates" section there, find the desired template and click on it.

template selection

A set of indicators for working with the EA will appear on the price chart.


After installing the template with the name of the adviser, at the start of the Strategy Tester with the "Visual mode" turned on, the chart background, objects and indicators will be automatically installed on the price chart.

Strategy Tester

How to save the Expert Advisor settings template

Step one: select and set the necessary advisor parameters that you want to save.

saving EA settings

Step second: right-click, call the context menu, in it we find "Template" and "Save Template".

Save Template

Step three: you need to come up with the name of the template and save it here.

save the template in this folder

Enter the name of our template and save. That's all, the template is created!

name the template and save it

How to set a template on a chart of another currency pair

Step one: Right-click and call the context menu, in it we find "Template" and "Load Template".

Load Template

Step second: choose from the list of templates, for example03_NewsTrading and click on the "Open" button, the template will be loaded onto the chart of the currency pair.

upload our template

On the chart of a currency pair, a template has been set together with an adviser, which is immediately included in the work.

set  template

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